Like most people, I have the need to move my mixes around the internet, show them to clients, listen on an mp3 player, etc,. Unfortunately, Avid/Digidesign have long since thought mp3 conversion should cost a premium; which I think is completely ridiculous. So, before you drop the hefty amount of cash needed to get the mp3 option, use this method and save yourself some money.

1. Open iTunes

2. Goto File/Add File to Library/ Pick your file that needs conversion

3. Goto Edit/Preferences/Import Settings

4. Change import settings to MP3 Encoder and set your quality in the box below

5. Go back to the library and the song to be encoded. Right click/Create MP3 Version
6. Your mp3 will then be found in C:\Users\*username*\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media. If you want to change the folder this folder, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Change and then pick your folder

Hopefully, you are now getting high quality mp3 versions of your bounces for free. Keep in mind that iTunes can output to lots of different formats; maybe even some that you’ll never use.

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